Henderson, April 19, 2013 … The Gillmann Group Inc. is one of the most respected consulting firms in the Gaming Industry. Gillmann and LIG Asset, Inc. (TICKER LIGA) are pairing up to take advantage of growing opportunities in the Gaming Industry.

Since 1989, The Gillmann Group has been at the forefront of gaming operations and gaming equipment consultations. They have garnered significant relationships over the last two decades. The Gillmann Group is a company that has stood the test of time in this sector.

The Gillmann Group CEO Fred Gillmann said, "Gaming is a relationship business. Forging a relationship with LIG is an exciting endeavor with a profitable future." He adds, " I would also like to mention in this business [gaming] we 'double down' when striving for success. Therefore, I am pleased to announce our latest addition to the team, Mr. Jeffery Gilbert. He is a hotel and casino specialist for domestic and foreign jurisdictions and we are elated to have him work hand in hand with LIG Assets."

“LIG Assets, Inc. is a multi-faceted worldwide investment company focused on real estate, entertainment, hospitality and other profitable sectors in the market. They are a proactive company that is committed to providing opportunities for expanding business ventures.

LIG Assets CEO Jeff Love stated, "We are excited to be on board with The Gillmann Group. We believe this relationship is the first of many profitable endeavors." He adds, "I look forward to working with two of the best in the gaming industry, Fred Gillmann and Jeffery Gilbert."