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Financial Services

The Gillmann Group's expertise makes securing the right funding an easy, step-by-step process with many solutions. The use of the right funding options on a project will assist in controlling expenses during the construction phase, before the casino is open and profitable.

The Gillmann Group offers its clients assistance with identification of financing requirements, developing financing proposals, loan structuring and negotiations, interest rate analysis, risk management and even joint venture options.

The Gillmann Group can customize a financing package to suit the particulars for any sized tribal gaming development. Gillmann's financial capabilities include financing for smaller casino development and expansions, such as the Bishop Paiute Tribe (for the Paiute Palace Casino) and the Robinson Rancheria of Pomo Indians (for the Robinson Rancheria Casino project). At the larger end of the spectrum, The Gillmann Group has a strong financial alliance with many commercial banks, investment banks and venture capital groups. For example, The Gillmann Group partnered with Wells Fargo Bank to develop financing for Route 66 Casino in New Mexico and through the joint venture with TORALDO S.R.L and relationship with Trafalgar Holdings is working with one of the largest banking institutions in Southern Europe.

The Gillmann Group has formed a strong financial alliance with Trafalgar Holdings, LLC, which maintains offices in both Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California. Trafalgar Holdings, LLC and its principals have negotiated and closed billions of dollars of private financial deals. Additionally, Trafalgar principals have acquired and directed several key companies with a collective value of over three billion dollars.